Horse Supplements

Great gut health is an essential factor in your horse feeling and performing their best. Our equine digestive supplements EQ & RP are designed to support your horse's fore and hind gut health, and enable more effective digestion, while Digestive VM provides a great mineral and vitamin balance for Australian horses and Stress Paste offers extra support for big days. EquiBind is our dual action toxin binder, and MetaboLize® is designed to assist horses to process sugar more normally. Shipping is free for our equine supplements Australia wide.

Why choose Poseidon Animal Health?

See the change - Equine Supplements that deliver.

Poseidon Animal Health supplements are known for delivering great results that speak for themselves! Our premium quality supplements work to deliver healthier, calmer horses, shinier coats, and better performance! Simple, right? We believe that effective products are the best possible advertisement. Read our customer reviews and you’ll find words like miraculous, essential, amazing - and even ‘it saved my horse’s life’.

Our products are used by equestrians at all levels, from Olympians, international show jumpers and Grand Prix dressage riders, to breeders, pony clubbers and happy hackers. Great gut health and balanced nutrition support our horses from the inside out to feel good, do their honest best, and look simply amazing. Just like you, we share a love of horses, and a passionate dedication to their wellbeing.

Horse owners reviews

I am so pleased with Timmy’s improvement since improving his gut  through dietary changes and the inclusion of Poseidon products. Once I made the decision to use Digestive EQ Timmy has changed to making all good choices.

Sonja Johnson, Olympic Eventing Medallist

The consistency at the top level week in and week out have shown in my horses results since using the Poseidon products. Their recovery is so much faster and they are always fresh and ready for the next show! They have never felt better and I am eternally grateful to have their support.

Maleah Lang-McMahon, International Show jumper

Since having our horses on Digestive VM and Digestive EQ our competition and race horses have improved condition by 100% and are no longer stressed when travelling.

Jaimee Lea Bruggemann Show Horse

True health begins in the gut. I've been using Poseidon's products since 2018 and the results speak for themselves. What we see is an increase in digestibility, a greater appetite and a healthier hoof and hair. We now have horses that put condition on more quickly, and hold it for longer, while actually costing less. My horses are happier and healthier, and that's why I trust Poseidon.

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Fast track your horse's gut health journey with a supplement Starter Pack and save 10-15% - or mix and match your perfect bundle with a Subscription to get 10% off RRP, and your supplements delivered free, however often you want.

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Great gut health matters

A healthy gut means your horse gets the full benefit of their feed and can perform to their best, as well as looking fantastic and most importantly, feeling their absolute best. Look for shiny coats, calm, happy willing horses, good hoof health and less reactiveness.