Horse owners share their results

Digestive EQ and Digestive VM together are the best supplements I have ever had my performance horses on, from gut health to all their vitamins and minerals, Poseidon have you covered!

Abby West, Show Jumping

Digestive EQ has been a game-changer in the way my dressage horses are performing and their overall wellbeing. I now have clients who are enjoying the same results and we are all reaping the rewards! Happy horses and happy riders!

Ashleigh Kendall, Dressage

Digestive EQ helps my boy look his best and acheive his best, winning the Supreme Hack at the 2019 ASH National Championships. I swear by such an amazing product.

Georgia Hope, Stock Horse

I am so pleased with Timmy’s improvement since improving his gut  through dietary changes and the inclusion of Poseidon products. Prior to this Timmy was a poor decision maker. Once I made the decision to use Digestive EQ Timmy has changed to all good choices.

Sonja Johnson, Olympic Eventing Medallist

True health begins in the gut. I've been using Poseidon's products since 2018 and the results speak for themselves. What we see is an increase in digestibility, a greater appetite and a healthier hoof and hair. We now have horses that put condition on more quickly, and hold it for longer, while actually costing less. My horses are happier and healthier, and that's why I trust Poseidon.

Brock Billing

The consistency at the top level week in and week out have shown in my horses results since using the Poseidon products. Their recovery is so much faster and they are always fresh and ready for the next show! They have never felt better and I am eternally grateful to have their support.

Maleah Lang-McMahon, International Show jumper

So grateful to these amazing products Digestive EQ and Digestive VM these amazing products are true to their word they work - my horse Lola looks totally magnificent thank you so much Linda and your amazing team.

SueEllen Lovett, Dual Paralympian

Poseidon products are my go-to for everything with my horses, gut health, ulcers, topline, weight gain, coat shine, temperament, you name it, it can do it.

Georgia Hope, Horse Trainer



Since having our horses on Digestive VM and Digestive EQ our competition and race horses have improved condition by 100% and are no longer stressed when travelling.

Jaimee Lea Bruggemann Show Horse

Since starting my horse on Digestive EQ I now have my horse on no gut medication whatsoever.

Jade Findlay, Eventing

Digestive VM has taken my mare's health to the next level.

Imogen Thew, Show Horse



Digestive EQ is the best product we have come across. Weight gain, shiny coat and behaviour change all in one.

Jessica Brechin, Show Horse

Digestive EQ is magic in a bucket, my horses have never been so happy and healthy!

Kim Berley, Eventing

Digestive EQ is a life saver! Weight gain, calmer horse, no tying up issues since being on it - and best of all only taking one supplement to shows instead of 4-5!

Kelsey Leahy, Eventing





I was having trouble with my world cup horse. Once I changed to Digestive EQ I saw a massive change in his digestion of his feed which made him a happier horse and improved his performance.

Brooke Langbecker, Show Jumping

Knowing Digestive EQ is supporting our horses gut health gives us so much confidence that they are feeling their best while travelling and competing.

Aaron Scobie, Performance Horses

Poseidon products have been a game changer for my horses health and wellbeing, helping them perform at top level.

Sam Pratt, Rodeo