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Poseidon Animal Health was Founded in 2017 by Linda Goldspink-Lord. Inspired by her personal health journey she created a range of science-backed supplements to support greater wellness in animals through improved gut health. Our family-owned Australian business has already helped thousands of horses and dogs both here and overseas, delivering on our mission of making good gut health accessible to more animals.

World-leading gut health supplements

Why are Poseidon Animal Health’s products a staple in the diets of horses in elite eventing, high-level showing and jumping, grand prix dressage, western disciplines, racing - and even lucky geriatrics living their well earned retirement? It comes down to science.

Developed with experts, using scientific evidence

Our evidence-based horse supplements and canine supplements are specifically designed to support animals' health, and to remove the confusion and expense of trying countless supplements. Our formulations provide a low fuss, cost effective solution, that works. They are backed by science, and trusted by animal health experts internationally.

Every one of our highly respected products has been formulated in collaboration with a dedicated team of equine vets, nutritionists and microbiologists who are just as passionate as us about science-based supplements that deliver proven benefits. As new scientific research on gut health reveals new knowledge, we change with it, evolving our products to ensure they continue to lead the field.

We are 100% committed to product integrity and evidence-based, world class supplements
that change horses and dogs lives for the better. Plus, it’s all made right here in Australia, with the highest quality ingredients.

The evidence is in - good gut health can change your animals' overall health dramatically. See reviews and before and afters from dog lovers and horse lovers.

Everything we do is driven by our passion for excellence – because we love horses and dogs too.

What does good gut health look like?

It looks like an animal enjoying the best possible health, and can lead to:

- Better weight management
- Better appetite
- Less anxiety and stress
- Healthy skin and shiny coats
- Reduction in painful digestive issues
- Pain-free movement
- Good energy levels
- A stronger immune system

The list goes on, and on, because when an animal’s gut health is at its best, the rest of the animal's systems are supported to also function properly.

Gut health has a flow-on effect to overall health, which is why it’s such a powerful thing to get right.

How we began

Wellness from within

When our Founder Linda improved her own gut health to combat a long-term health issue, she quickly saw improvements in her mood, resilience and overall wellbeing.

Her journey of discovery led her to look at the benefits of good gut health in animals, and the seed of the idea for Poseidon Animal Health was planted.  

“I dream of helping every animal live a life of true health, and empowering the people who love them to help. Thanks for being part of our story, I can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings.” - Linda Goldspink-Lord.

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We love sharing knowledge, for the good of horses & dogs

We provide free insights and reliable advice on animal nutrition and better gut health so you can learn more about providing excellent nutritional care for your horse or dog.

Create a balanced diet for your horses with our online tool, watch videos, read articles, join a webinar, or ask us anything. We genuinely want to support your dog or horse’s inner health so you can enjoy seeing them thrive.

Once you understand how gut health changes everything, you’ll never look back – and neither will your animals.

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Meet the Experts of Poseidon

The Poseidon Animal Health team posesses a collective wealth of experience across the fields of small animal and equine veterinary work, canine and equine nutrition, horse breeding, training and competing. As dog and horse owners ourselves, we’ve seen first hand the proven benefits of targeting gut health to improve overall health, appearance, performance and recovery. This shared expertise is strengthened by a passionate commitment to helping as many animals as we can.

Our senior management team and consultants come from animal health, veterinary, pharmaceutical and education/training sectors.


B Rur. Sc (Hon1) PhD RAnNutr

Nerida has a degree in Rural Science in 1999 and a PhD in Equine Nutrition in 2004, and is a registered animal nutritionist (equine) with the Nutrition Society of Australia. Nerida founded Equilize Horse Nutrition in 2003 and as a consulting equine nutritionist she provides high level technical support to feed and supplement companies in Australia and abroad. Nerida works closely with Poseidon Equine on formulations, research and horse owner education.

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DVM - Proprietor and Head Veterinarian

Erin has always been interested in Equine Nutrition and particularly in the role that nutrition plays in Equestrian Performance and Disease. She is passionate about researching the science behind Equine Nutrition and Gut Health and the outcome different feeding strategies and practices can have on behavior, development, performance and disease.

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PhD, BSc (Hons), Grad. Dip. Science Management

Dr Belinda Chapman is a microbiologist with 25 years’ experience in microbiology research, and is Director of Quantal Bioscience, an Australian research company based in Sydney and specialising in microbiology research and education. Belinda works with Poseidon Equine as a consultant to improve our understanding of the microorganisms present in the equine gut, and the effect of prebiotics on the equine gut microbiome.

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Animal Naturopathy & Pet Nutritionist 

Ruth is a lover of animals, a pet nutritionist, an animal naturopath, an energy worker and a plant based coach. Just doing her bit to help animals live a happier life.


Dr Renee graduated Vet School before adding Veterinary homeopathy, Chinese herbal medicine and nutrition as her areas of expertise, as well as critical anaesthetics, pain management and dental care. Walking the holistic veterinary path ultimately led her to open The Natural Vets with Dr Henry. Saving animals really does make her soul shine.

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