Dog owners share their results

“I have found that my dogs just love it, licking their bowls clean. Their coats are glowing, thick, shiny and so healthy, their teeth are healthy and they have regular bowel movements. I cannot recommend this product highly enough, I certainly know my dogs will be on it for life!”

Sarah Tuckey

Digestive K9 has made a huge difference in just one month and I will continue using it…. It has made these two little dogs very happy puppy dogs!

Dogs are 13 and 12 years old

Stella’s coat is bright as ever and as woolly as ever, and now she is looking really healthy and happy!

Stella's Dad

Aria’s skin has improved dramatically. We are so happy to see her fur starting to grow back. She definitely seems to be a lot happier now, compared to before starting on Digestive K9.

Aria's Owner