It’s no fun being stressed, and even harder for our dogs, who can’t always tell us what's happening.

Did you know that stress in dogs is often linked to an out of balance gut microbiome? To keep our fur pets happy, healthy and waggy-tailed, we put together natural calming plants with our well-known super gut supplements. Nothing but the best for our best friends!

Made in Australia, endorsed by vet and nutritionists, and with ingredients such as Valerian, Kakadu Plum, Tilia Cordata and nutritional yeast, StressK9 Chews is designed to naturally help dogs cope with stress and anxiety, such as separation anxiety, car travel worries and fear around vet visits.

Feed Guidelines: Feed 1 chew daily for every 5kg of your dog’s body weight. For best results, use in conjunction with our DigestiveK9 supplement.


Valerian, Tilia Cordata, Nutritional Yeast, Kakadu Plum, L-Theanine, Bio-K9, Gelatin, Sunflower Oil, Tapioca Starch, Vegetable Glycerine


Feed 1 chew daily for every 5kg of your dog’s body weight. For best results, use in conjunction with our DigestiveK9 supplement.


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manufactured in australia
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Stress K9 Chews

Dog health supplements with postbiotics and natural calming ingredients
5 stars excellent - 4 reviews

After 4 weeks of Muck and Isla being on the StressK9® chews, they are that little bit more relaxed. Especially Isla. Plus their coat is healthier too! They love the taste too, so it’s become my favourite treat to give them.

— Muck & Isla's Pet Parents
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Why Stress K9 For my dog?

Have you heard of the brain-gut axis? It is a complex communication system, linking gut health to hormones impacting mood and stress.

So if your dog is stressed, make sure to not only relax its mind, but its gut too.

targets stress response

StressK9 chews include our unique blend of prebiotics, paraprobiotics, and fermented postbiotics so when you’re looking for an anti-anxiety chew, ours is designed to work from the inside out, targeting all aspects of health.

100% Natural Plants with Calming Properties

StressK9 Chews use Valerian plant, Tilia Cordata flowers and nutritional yeast. Valerian plant helps calm the brain and nervous system and Tilia Cordata helps with inflammation and also has calming properties.

Endorsed by experts

We’ve collaborated with experts in microbiology, veterinarian science and natural nutrition to develop a science based, nature backed gut health supplement because we believe all dogs deserve nothing but the best and supplements that work!


We take pride in where we source and how we make our products. It is made in Australia, in a GMP approved facility, and only using the highest quality ingredients.

manufactured in australia
Rated 4.8/5 by 4 loved customers


ACTIVE INGREDIENTs that target the root CAUSE


Month 1: Hello, Good Health!

Just a month on and who’s a more relaxed, happier go lucky dog. You’ll see the first signs of less stress, making both your lives that little bit better and you’ll feel pretty pawesome for making it happen.

Month 2: Wow, Look at You!

Two months down and your fur buddy is displaying less visible signs of feeling stressed and anxious. On top of that you might notice a shiny coat, bright eyes and better stools too. It’s all thanks to you keeping their supplement game strong.

Month 3: High Paw, Super Parent!

Three months in and you’ve got one healthier, happier dog on your hands. Their stress is more manageable, and their gut is feeling great too. Your continuous care and our supplements are the perfect team. High paw to you, super parent!

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Remember,good health isn't a destination but an ongoing journey.


Have questions? We've got answers

Who is Poseidon Animal Health?

Poseidon Animal Health started in 2017 launching successful equine gut health supplements in Australia. We are based in NSW, Australia and have manufacturing facilities both here and in New Zealand, and aside from selling domestically, we also export our products to Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

What does Stress K9 Do?

Stress K9 targets dog anxiety and stress as well as strengthen gut health impacted by stress. As we became the #1 bestseller for equine supplements, we wanted to give dogs the same care and developed an equally fantastic gut health supplement, with high level of active ingredients, to help digestion, skin, allergies and immune systems for our canine friends! The inclusion of postbiotics developed by dog specific bacteria makes it different to everything on the market.

When Do I Feed Them?

It’s no fun being stressed, and even harder for our dogs, who can’t always tell us what’s happening. Long term anxiety and stress can lead to aggression plus chronic stress is associated with high levels of cortisol in the bloodstream, which in turn can lead to metabolic issues including obesity, insulin resistance as well as heart disease and immune challenges all leading to a shorter and less quality of life for your dog.

When a dog’s gut microbiome is out of balance, the production of hormones linked to mood and stress is impacted. Feeding these chew provides some additional support for anxiety and stress. They best work when used in conjunction with DigestiveK9 so the gut health is at its strongest to cope with stress.

What Are The Ingredients

Our science-based StressK9® chews have the gut health unique blend, Bio-K9, as well as some additional ingredients such as Valerian, Kakadu Plum, Tilia Cordata, L theanine , and nutritional yeast that helps dogs calm and cope with stress plus vitamins and amino acids to boost the immune system.

Why Have You Included Gut Support With Bio K9?

Your dog’s gut is the powerhouse of their system, home to trillions of microbiota that directly impact behaviour, overall health, immunity and anxiety. When a dog’s gut microbiome is out of balance, the production of hormones linked to mood and stress is impacted. And with a direct link between the brain and the gut, happy, healthy and waggy-tailed dogs need solid gut health support.

How Are These Chews Different?

The main difference is the inclusion of our Bio k9 for additional gut support because we know that stress and moods are linked to gut health.

- We use a specially formulated canine culture.

- It doesn’t contain any fillers, colours or artificial preservatives.

- It doesn’t contain any synthetic vitamins or minerals.

- No added sugar designed and endorsed by a team of experts in microbiology, natural nutrition and veterinary science.

- But best of all, your dogs will love the taste of these chews, making it super easy and convenient to add to your daily feeding routine.

How do I feed it?

This is the easy part ! They can be fed like a treat and dogs love the taste! We recommend feeding one chew per 5 kg of weight of your dog.

How Do I Know If My Dog Is Anxious

Signs of stress and anxiety look different in each dog. Some signs to watch out for include: - Barking or howling excessively
- Panting and drooling ( when its not hot)
- Cowering or shivering
- Destructive behaviour
- Obsessive licking
- General restlessness
- Aggression
- Depression

Can I Use This With Digestive K9?

Absolutely in fact that's the best way to get optimal results. Everyday support of the gut microbiome with Digestive K9 will create a gut that is better able to cope with stress and produce helpful chemicals that interact with the brain. BUT sometimes they need extra help in times of acute stress and that's where “stress chews” could help.

How Long Should It Take To Work?

Every dog is different so it's really difficult to give an exact time. Some dogs have shown an improvement in temperament within days, for others it takes a few weeks. Best results are often after 4 weeks of continual use. In fact, during the trial, many of our dog parents called us back to have more after the end of the trial as they saw the largest difference when they stopped it!

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