FAQs for dog gut health

FAQs for dog gut health

FAQs for dog gut health

Do you have a stressed-out dog?
Are they producing large, smelly stools (that you have to clean up...)?
Do their farts clear the room (especially when you have special guests over!)?
All of these problems can be related to poor gut health.

Probiotics, prebiotics and digestive health are buzz words in the health space right now. And although they are mentioned repeatedly in the media, what you may not realise is that a good quality digestive health supplement can a) benefit pets too, and b) help solve all kinds of issues, from stress and anxiety, to dull coat, and itchy skin, to those stinky stools and smelly farts!

How can digestive supplements impact everything from behaviour to skin health?

Your dog’s gut houses 70% of their immune system! It also absorbs and digests food and nutrients, removes waste, and houses trillions of microbiota. These oodles of gut bacteria directly impact behaviour, appearance and overall health. (Who knew we were controlled by bacteria?! Bit freaky isn’t it!)

Just like with people, stress, medication, diet and lifestyle affect gut health – and the microbial balance. When the microbiome is out of whack, the rest of the system becomes compromised. Food isn’t as well digested, nutrients can’t be delivered to all the tissues, toxic compounds end up in the bloodstream, and the body’s overall health suffers.

Processed foods, chemicals, pollutants, and sources of anxiety and stress all affect your dog’s gut health. Without any support, there is nothing to restore and support the correct balance.

What are the signs of an unhealthy gut?

  • Anxiety or aggression
  • Food allergies and sensitivities
  • Constipation, Diarrhoea or Vomiting
  • Weight problems
  • Excessive gas
  • Joint issues
  • Infections
  • Itchy skin, skin conditions or a dull coat
  • Lack of energy

If your dog has any of these issues, talk to your vet to rule out any underlying diseases whilst addressing their gut health.

How do I support my dog’s gut health?

Your dog’s gut health is affected by everything from processed foods, to parasites, to pollutants, to lifestyle stress and anxiety. Giving them strong foundations through good gut health is more important than ever. Best you start today!

Digestive K9 comes in a powder (with dog-approved deliciousness) that is added daily and mixed through your dog’s food.

It’s been created using naturally-sourced ingredients, and evidence-based research to help all stages of your dog’s digestion.

How does Digestive K9 help dogs?

The naturally sourced ingredients support gut health and balance. Digestive K9 works to:

  • Improve digestion and absorption
  • Reduce inflammation and digestive upset (less gas!)
  • Support the immune system
  • Improve skin health, coat shine and softness
  • Support better quality sleep (did you know dogs need about 14 hours sleep each day?!)
  • And best of all: You will have a happier, more relaxed and healthier dog!

How Is Digestive K9 Different From Other Supplements?

Digestive K9 is naturally-sourced and evidence-based. Unlike many other supplements and foods on the market, Digestive K9:

  • Doesn’t contain any nasties (artificial fillers, wheat, colours or preservatives, synthetic vitamins or minerals)
  • Contains non-GMO / organic ingredients (especially important for patients with allergies)
  • Targets the entire digestive system
  • Is specifically formulated for dogs
  • Is transparent about all of its ingredients

What are the signs Digestive K9 is working?

You’ll know our product is working when you start to notice these things:

  • Fresh breath (check the state of your dog’s teeth too - dental health is so important!)
  • Shiny coat
  • Healthy skin
  • Happy disposition
  • Normal poo
  • Perfect weight
  • Healthy appetite
  • Consistent energy levels
  • Relaxed outlook


 Thanks to Gabriel Crismariu for use of this cute photo.