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Unique allergy, immune and digestive support supplement for dogs. Target the root cause of itchy skin, anxiety, bad digestion now. Simply sprinkle your dog's supplement on their food and mix - from as little as 30 cents a day! Plus get free shipping in Australia.

Dog lovers share results

She has no more skin irritations, her coat is soft and shiny, her flatulence has gone, and she has great all-day energy. She also sleeps better, for longer periods at night. Overall, she is a calmer, happier dog. I would continue her on Digestive K9. I am happy with the benefits of this product.

Teresa, pet parent to Princess Feronia, an American Pitbull Cross

Before starting the trial, Gus’ eyes were very red and gunky - similar to conjunctivitis. Now his eyes are clearer and not gunky. His poo is also a lot healthier.

Nerida, pet parent to Gus, a Bulldog

Kaha has much more energy. Her coat is looking healthy. Her stools are solid. Kaha has allergies, but [since the trial her skin] has not flared up with any bad itching or licking skin, paws etc. Her digestion seems good as well; there hasn’t been any bad doggy farts! I haven't bought a digestive supplement before, as I was worried it wouldn't do anything. I have seen such amazing changes in Kaha this has changed my mind!

Celine, pet parent to Kaha, a Labrador

Why choose Poseidon Digestive K9?

Dog owner reviews

"Aria’s skin has improved dramatically. We are so happy to see her fur starting to grow back. She definitely seems to be a lot happier now, compared to before starting on Digestive K9.”

"Stella’s coat is bright as ever and as woolly as it has ever been, and now she is looking really healthy and happy!"

"Digestive K9 has made a huge difference in just one month and I will continue using it…. It has made these two little dogs (12 & 13yrs old) very happy puppy dogs!"

Digestive K9's natural ingredients offer

Improvements in digestion due to naturally occurring enzymes (Pineapple, Bromelain, Oat Straw) and enzyme activating foods (Ginger)
Support for diarrhoea and flatulence (Larch, Bio k9, Ginger)
Reduce gut irritation (Oat straw, Arabinogalactan)
Foods that support the production of bile (Ginger)
Nervous system support for behaviour (Oat Straw, Glutamine)
Prebiotic fibres (Arabinogalactan and Larch) 
Anti-inflammatory benefits (Ginger, Green Lipped Mussel)
Anti spasmodic (Ginger)
Antioxidants and important micronutrients (Spirulina)
A vitamin rich protein (Beef Liver) 
Amino acids, which are major fuels for the small intestinal mucosa (Spirulina, Glutamine)
A world-first holistic blend of Prebiotics, Postbiotics and Lactobacillus cells harvested from the fermentation for gut support.
Prebiotics to feed the helpful bacteria (Bio K9) 
Omega 3 benefits (Green Lipped Mussel)

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