Gut Health - What's the big deal?

If your horse has gut issues, you may see anxious behaviour, girthiness, laminitis, weight challenges, poor coat condition, loose manure, or poor performance. Learn why equine gut health matters.

If your dog has gut issues you may see skin conditions, anxiety, aggression, allergies and sensitivity, smelly anal glands, lethargy, gas and toileting issues, itchiness, stiff joints or a dull coat. Learn about gut health in dogs.

Scientific research is helping identify that poor gut health can play a major role in contributing to these issue in horses and dogs, and many more. Find out why our equine and canine digestive supplements are so popular.

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We’ve helped thousands of horses and dogs on their journey to better health and performance. We believe that the way to true health is through supporting strong digestive and gut health in your animals. Wellness from within starts with effective digestive supplements, backed by science.

At Poseidon Animal Health we team up with leading animal vets and health experts to deliver dog and horse owners high quality, affordable horse supplements and dog supplements that are manufactured here in Australia for wellness from within.

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Use our handy online equine nutrition tool to work out if your horse is getting the feed and supplements they need. Save their profile and any time your horse's situation changes, pop back in to ensure they are still getting the right diet - and that you're not wasting money!

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Our equine supplements are complete, all-in-one solutions so you don’t need a shelf full of supplements to care for your horse's health. As well as dual pH buffers, prebiotics, post biotics and digestive enzymes, our gut health supplements Digestive EQ & RP contain amino acids, toxin binders, and digestive enzymes. Our mineral and vitamin supplement offers all the essentials as well as a prebiotics, magnesium and calcium. Plus you can shop MetaboLize, Equibind and Stress Paste if your horse needs extra support. Less cost, fewer products to buy, and more daily goodness. All our horse supplements are competition safe and non-swabbable, so you can use them any time.

Our canine digestive supplements are all-in-one easy to feed gut health solutions for the lucky dog in your life.

Shop online to earn rewards and get your supplements delivered free. Save 10% on a Trial Pack, start a subscription and save 10% on RRP, or pick up Poseidon Animal Health at your local feed store or pet shop.

Wellness from Within

Since 2017 Poseidon Animal Health (formerly Poseidon Equine and Poseidon Canine) has been committed to improving the lives of horses and dogs through scientifically developed supplements that are proven to support great gut health.

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