Every dog should feel their best from the inside out. That’s why we’ve developed the most comprehensive gut health supplement on the market for dogs. And it comes in either a powder or in a chew so you can choose what works best for you and your best furry friend!

Digestive K9 is designed to help these 10 issues in your dog:

Anxiety & Aggression, Food Allergies, Constipation, Diarrhoea or Vomiting, Weight Problems, Gas & Bloating, Joint Issues, Yeast Infections, Itchy Skin, Red Paws, Dull Coat, Lack of Energy, Bad Oral Health.

Made in Australia with Bio-K9®, the most unique and powerful pre, para-pro and postbiotic blend fermented with 20X more CFU concentration than the average gut health supplement, this science-based, vet-approved formulation is the complete daily support for your dogs digestive, immune and nervous system. Feed Guidelines: Feed 1/4 of a spoon or 1 chew daily for every 5kg of your dog's body weight.


Bio-K9® pre, para-pro and post-biotic blend, L-Glutamine, Pineapple Bromelain,  Organic Ginger, Green Lipped Mussel, Larch, Organic Spirulina, Oatstraw. Organic Beef Liver (powder only), Beef Bone Broth (chews only).


Feed 1/4 of a spoon or 1 chew daily for every 5kg of your dog’s body weight. Sprinkle the powder on their daily meal, add water a little if you are using kibble. Or simply use the chews for convenience. Please make sure you start slowly with 1/4 of the dose for a few days and increase it slowly to give your dog's gut time to adjust.


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Digestive K9 - Canine Gut Supplement

5 stars excellent - 196 reviews

“Princess loves Digestive K9, we have been adding it to her diet for over 12 months. It has made a huge difference to her skin irritations, her coat is healthier.”

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Why digestive K9 For my dog?

Did you know that your dogs gut houses 70% of their immune system?

So if your dog is scratching excessively, has red paws or allergies, patchy fur, itchy skin, or is stressed and anxious, it is likely that the trillion microbiomes in their gut are overworked and need some help.

targets whole of the gut

Most supplements just target your dogs stomach. With its unique Bio-K9® blend of pre-, parapro and post biotics, plus digestive enzymes, amino acids, DigestiveK9 works on the whole of the gut, providing superior results.


Every scoop of Digestive K9 powder has been fermented with 47.5Bn CFU, and every chew with 11.9Bn - significantly more than the average of 2.2Bn CFU in other products.

Endorsed by experts

We’ve collaborated with experts in microbiology, veterinarian science and natural nutrition to develop a science based, nature backed gut health supplement because we believe all dogs deserve nothing but the best and supplements that work!


We take pride in where we source and how we make our products. It is made in Australia, in a GMP approved facility, and only using the highest quality ingredients.

manufactured in australia
Rated 4.8/5 by 196 loved customers


ACTIVE INGREDIENTs that target the root CAUSE


Month 1: Hello, Good Health!

Just a month in and who's that happy, lively pup? You'll see the first signs of a healthier tummy and a spring in their step, plus you'll feel pretty awesome for making it happen.

Month 2: Wow, Look at You!

Two months down and your fur buddy is looking even better. Shiny coat, bright eyes, and an even happier wag – it's all thanks to you keeping their supplement game strong.

Month 3: High Paw, Super Parent!

Three months in and you've got one healthy, happy dog on your hands. Their gut's feeling great and so are they. Your continuous care and our supplements are the perfect team. High paw to you, super parent!

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Rated 4.8/5 by 196 loved customers

why dog owners love digestive k9

Remember,good health isn't a destination but an ongoing journey.

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Have questions? We've got answers

Who is Poseidon Animal Health?

Poseidon Animal Health started in 2017 launching successful equine gut health supplements in Australia. We are based in NSW, Australia and have manufacturing facilities both here and in New Zealand, and aside from selling domestically, we also export our products to Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Why Have You Created Digestive K9?

The more we learn about gut health the more we realise that it’s the foundation for great behaviour and health. When the gut is unhealthy, it can show up in many ways and can include immune challenges such as skin conditions, anal gland problems, ear infections, behavioural issues, appetite changes, constipation or diarrhoea, dull coats as well as many other abnormal conditions.

As we became the #1 bestseller for equine supplements, we wanted to give dogs the same care and developed an equally fantastic gut health supplement, with high level of active ingredients, to help digestion, skin, allergies and immune systems for our canine friends! The inclusion of postbiotics developed by dog specific bacteria makes it different to everything on the market.

What Is Digestive K9?

Digestive K9 is an evidence based gut health supplement, specially formulated by a canine nutritionist and naturopath and an animal microbiologist to support your dog’s entire digestive tract.

It comes in a powder in 2 sizes (65G and 150G) as well as in a chew format (150G and 300G).

Digestive K9 is the most complete and powerful canine gut health supplement. It has the highest level of active ingredients (fermented with 47.5Bn CFU per scoop of powder and 11.9Bn CFU per 2.5g chew)

• It sources naturally occurring actives. • It uses a combination of fermented prebiotic, para probiotic blend with digestive enzymes and amino acids. • Specially designed for dogs. We use a specially formulated canine culture. • It doesn’t contain any fillers, colours or artificial preservatives. • It doesn’t contain any synthetic vitamins or minerals. It contains only non-GMO ingredients. • It targets the whole digestive system. • Highly palatable • Designed and endorsed by a team of experts in microbiology, natural nutrition and veterinary science • 4.8 review ratings!

What Are The Ingredients

Aside from our pre/para and postbiotic blend, the ingredient list contains many active ingredients providing additional vitamins, minerals for immune and digestive support such as organic spirulina, oat straw, organic beef liver, glutamine, pineapple bromelain, organic ginger and green lipped mussel in the powder formulation. The chew, to bind all these ingredients together, also has beef bone broth, gelatin, sunflower oil, organic vegetable glycerine, tapioca starch and sunflower lecithin. In the chew we have replaced organic beef liver with beef bone broth for the most doggy-licious chew!

When Should I Use Digestive K9?

We would say everyday! Just like humans and other animals, our dogs are exposed every day to chemicals, pollutants, and environmental or situational stress like separation anxiety. In addition, many of the dog foods on the market are very processed and contain low-quality ingredients, synthetic supplements, all of which can contribute to poor gut health. Signs of gut issues you can see in your dog are food allergies and sensitivies, constipation or diarrhoea, weight problems, excessive gas, itchy skin and dull coat as well as some behaviour signs like anxiety or lack of energy.

Digestive K9 is designed to support dogs gut health so they can have better digestion and better health overall, such as stronger immune system, reduced gas, consistent poos, improved sleep, reduced allergies, calmed itchy skin and more relaxed behaviour.

Digestive K9 is safe to all dogs of all ages and breeds. Should your dog be under medication or particularly intolerant to certain food or ingredients, it’s always best to check with your vet to see what other supplements work with the medication. We do not have chicken in our product for those dogs allergic to it.

Why Is Our Formulation Unique?

3 simple factors make Digestive K9 simply the best in gut health:

• We use a range of actives including naturally occurring vitamins and minerals to support the entire gut instead of relying on probiotics that are likely to die in the manufacturing process or across shelf life of the product. • We have the highest level of active ingredients: our powder is fermented with 47.5Bn CFU in each scoop and our chew with 11.9Bn, 5x the level of average CFU in other supplements. • We use Lactobacillus acidophilus D2 (LAD2) as a starter culture in the fermented blend to help the development of postbiotic metabolites during fermentation, just as postbiotic metabolites are produced by probiotics working on prebiotic compounds in the dog intestine. So, in essence, probiotic metabolites are pre-prepared in the Digestive K9 formulation. In addition, the large numbers of cells of LAD2 left over at the end of the fermentation can be considered as paraprobiotics. Paraprobiotics are inactivated probiotics. A number of beneficial effects have been associated with paraprobiotics, including immune system stimulation.

What Is The Feed Rate?

For every 5 kg, feed either ¼ scoop or 1 chew to your dog. When in between sizing, always choose the higher serve. For instance, if your dog is 7KG, feed ½ scoop of powder or 2 chews.

Note: 1 teaspoon is the equivalent of 4.75 grams whilst a chew is 2.5 grams roughly. Sizing per chew may differ.

We suggest introducing Digestive K9 slowly, at about ¼ the recommended serving size. Then slowly increase it over a couple of days until you get to the recommended serving size. Doing this should minimise any chance of digestive upset that can sometimes happen when you introduce new foods to a dog’s diet, particularly if you have a dog with digestive problems.

If your dog is under 5 kg, start with either ½ a chew or a sprinkle of the highly effective powder to get your furry friend used to the active ingredients. Should you feel that your dog is enduring “gut stress”, you can double the feed rate for a maximum of 5 days.

Whilst you may notice early improvements, best results are often after 4 to 6 weeks of continual use.

Do Dogs Like The Taste?

Yes in fact many owners report that if ever they forget to add the powder, their dog wont eat their food! Plus even fussy dogs love the chews. They eat them as if they were a treat!

What Benefits Should I Expect To See?

Each ingredient plays a specific role and collectively they work together to create the ultimate canine gut health supplement. With this unique combination of ingredients, you can hope to achieve many results including, but not limited to:

• Increase in coat shine and softness • Decreased inflammation and digestive upset • Decrease in vomiting, loose stools and/or diarrhea • Stronger immune system • Better food digestion and absorption • Less gas and decreasing flatulence • Less skin itching, chewing and red paws • And the best one of all: a happier and healthier dog!

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