Better gut health for best four legged friends

Better gut health for best four legged friends

Better gut health for best four legged friends

By Greg Ellis for the Illawarra Mercury.

Following its success over the last three years with gut health supplements for horses Kembla Grange business Poseidon Animal Health launched a new gut health product for dogs on Monday.

Linda Goldspink-Lord was inspired to create the company's first gut health product for horses after observing the benefits of improving her own gut health during a major health issue.

Since launching that first product the family-owned business has increased its revenue by 400 per cent and opened a second office in New Zealand.

"Our horse products are in well over 200 retail outlets as well as online," she said. "So this little hobby has really exploded."

Mrs Goldspink-Lord wanted to use what she learned over the last three years to help more animals.

And the idea for developing a gut health product for dogs came after she welcomed a new puppy, a cavoodle called Oscar, into her life last year. Since then she has been working with a highly-skilled team, including a holistic veterinarian, canine nutritionist and naturopath, and an animal microbiologist, to formulate the launch the new product called Digestive K9.

Mrs Goldspink-Lord said when Oscar started using some of the ingredients in Digestive K9 when he was only a few months old, the results were amazing.

She said since then he has been a calm happy dog who copes with anything life throws at him.

"He has been completely different to any other dog I have ever owned," she said. "His level of joy and happiness is amazing to watch and I put it all down to his healthy gut."

Mrs Goldspink-Lord said she was excited about the new product for dogs and the potential it has to make a positive impact on the lives of many dogs around Australia.

"The feedback from the trial participants has been overwhelmingly positive - with many reporting their dogs are more relaxed, less stressed, less anxious, with better skin and coat condition and better sleep patterns," she said.

"This has been 18 months in the making."

Digestive K9 has been formulated with food based ingredients designed to support the canine digestive system.

Mrs Goldspink-Lord said 40 per cent of households owning a dog and Digestive K9 is the first of several products that will be launched in the Poseidon Canine range.

She said other gut health products for dogs are presently in development.