Dr Erin Roddy

Dr Erin Roddy

Dr Erin Roddy

Dr Erin Roddy DVM - Proprietor and Head Veterinarian 

Poseidon Animal Health's Head Veterinarian Dr. Erin Roddy (DVM) has worked as a horse trainer and riding coach since the age of 16 and grew up working in a large, professional stable. Since graduating from Veterinary School she runs her own boutique agistment and Rehabilitation Center, Spring Oak Rehabilitation.

Erin has always been interested in Equine Nutrition and particularly in the role that nutrition plays in Equestrian Performance and Disease. After her travels through the UK and Europe and her move to Australia she became even more interested in the differences in philosophies and practice of Equine Nutrition throughout the world. She became passionate about researching the science behind Equine Nutrition and Gut Health and the outcome different feeding strategies and practices can have on behaviour, development, performance and disease.

Digestive EQ

"Behavioural problems... health problems, coat problems, hoof problems - go away. Even our healthy horses... become healthier, require less food to do their job, they recover better, they're fitter and they're just overall better performed and happier, healthier animals." 

Stress Paste

"A product which encourages a horse to eat and drink under times of anxiety, work stress or anxiety will [mean] a happier, healthier horse who will be able to cope with changes in their circumstances."

Digestive VM 

"One of my favourite products... For horses who are lacking in the essential minerals and vitamins that they need to perform... Digestive VM fills all those gaps."

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Poseidon Equine has helped over 5,000 horse owners regain their horses health and happiness, through addressing issues in the gut.

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