Why MetaboLize® is Getting Vets Excited?

Why MetaboLize® is Getting Vets Excited?

Why MetaboLize® is Getting Vets Excited?

Is your horse suffering EMS, Cushings, prone to Laminitis, or often overweight? This info is for you!

Find out why renowned Equine Veterinarian Dr Erin Roddy is getting goosebumps over the latest science-backed supplement formula from Poseidon Animal Health. It’s plant based, it helps your horse regulate sugar, and it’s making waves on the equine health scene!

As an Equine Veterinarian, I have become increasingly frustrated with the prevalence of metabolic issues in the pets and athletes I treat.  Equine metabolic syndrome, Cushing’s disease, Insulin Resistance and Dysregulation are becoming the norm in today’s horses, rather than the occasional case. 

There is absolutely a genetic component in some of the cases I deal with, but there is also a large component to this epidemic, where poor or simply ignorant management of the horse is to blame.  As with anything involving the care of animals, the most important step is education.

As Veterinarians we need to educate ourselves about the continuing evolution of science and research in the Equine field, and then share that information with people who own and manage our patients. It is so important, particularly in the realm of nutrition and metabolic issues in horses, that there be a continuous stream of genuine education available. So much of the information available to horse owners and managers comes from feed companies; who can be more motivated by sales figures than by a desire to provide the most accurate information, or even the best products, to enable owners to care for their horses. 

This is one of the main reasons I originally began consulting for Poseidon Animal Health: their commitment to providing all in the equestrian community with unbiased educational information which is solely based on up to date scientific research.

MetaboLize® is a Game Changer for Horses

Poseidon Animal Health’s new product, MetaboLize®, is arriving on the market at just the right time to accelerate the conversation that needs to happen in the horse industry about managing the increasing prevalence of metabolic disorders in our horses. 

There many clients that myself and my veterinary colleagues are already working with on the best possible nutritional and management practices for horses dealing with a metabolic disorder.  For these clients, I know that MetaboLize® will improve their horse’s quality of life, and also hopefully ease some of the owner’s stress that goes along with providing their horse with such intensive care.

For the owners who are not yet aware of the full extent of their horse’s metabolic issues, or how to manage these animals, I hope that MetaboLize will be the ‘jumping off point’ that encourages them to access the educational information available, and be equipped to better help their horses.

It’s time to address increasing rate of metabolic issues in horses

We are truly facing a crisis in the realm of equine nutrition and metabolism, and without an overhaul of the way we feed and manage horses, the prevalence of equine metabolic disorders (and the flow-on health consequences such as laminitis, insulin resistance, EMS and obesity) will continue to increase.

Correct nutrition, exercise, and management are the cornerstones of keeping our equine pets and athletes in tip top healthy condition. 

Sometimes all the best management just isn’t enough

That being said, there are numerous cases of horses where even the best care and attention aren’t enough to combat their genetics or past history.  In these situations MetaboLize® may be a gamechanger for getting horses back on the right track, and providing owners and managers an invaluable tool towards improving their horses quality of life, and making their own life easier!

I personally have euthanized far too many horses who otherwise should have been living much longer and useful lives simply because it was not possible to keep them comfortable in the face of their metabolic disorder, whether due to owner finances, available facilities or time, or simply the horse’s continued discomfort.

I know that if I had a tool such as MetaboLize® available, a large percentage of these horses could have been saved. 

I look forward to educating other veterinarians, industry professionals, and horse owners about the realities of metabolic conditions in horses and how MetaboLize®, teamed with appropriate diet, exercise, and veterinary care, may help improve the duration and quality of life of horses struggling with metabolic conditions.