Use of Poseidon's Equine range as a Veterinarian

Use of Poseidon's Equine range as a Veterinarian

Use of Poseidon's Equine range as a Veterinarian

Dr Erin Roddy DVM - Proprietor and Head Veterinarian 

As an Equine Veterinarian I have had the unique experience of getting to test and use the Poseidon Animal Health equine range in a variety of medical and surgical cases both in Vet Hospital Settings and in Horse Rehabilitation Scenarios.

Overall I have found the range incredibly reliable, effective, and easy to use and have never experienced a negative outcome nor have I even experienced a neutral outcome.  Whenever I use Poseidon Products I see definite benefits over cases in which we haven’t incorporated the Poseidon range. 

Here are some examples of cases and situations where we have used particular products:

Travelling horses:

  • I use Stress Paste whenever possible before, during, and after planned trips of both short and long duration. Horses travelling on Stress Paste are calmer, eat and drink better, and arrive hydrated and in better condition than horses that travel the exact same trip without stress paste.
    We have used Stress Paste with great success on horses flying internationally and travelling interstate where they are exposed to number of vehicles, housing situations, and alterations in their diet and feeding schedule

  • I have also experienced using Stress Paste in horses who have arrived at their destination in poor health. Horses who arrive dehydrated, flat, off feed, even febrile and colicky universally have improved dramatically with the administration of Stress Paste. The paste is easy to administer and extremely palatable so is great for horses who are acutely dehydrated and off feed or not interested in drinking. 
    In my experience, shortly after the administration of Stress Paste these horses brighten up and are interested in eating and drinking again often avoiding the need to use NG or IV Fluids or sedation.  Stress Paste is competition legal as well, so is ideal to give to a horse arriving at a competition who may be flat, dull, or dehydrated.

  • We also use Digestive EQ and Digestive VM in horses travelling long distances or moving to another location. Often it is inconvenient or impossible to keep feed and hay the same when travelling or the hay/types of feed the horse is currently on may not be available at their final destination.  Further, it is often not advisable to keep a horse on hard feed during extensive travel due to the excess energy. 
    By using Digestive EQ and VM the horses vitamin and mineral requirements are met and all phases of the digestive system are supported allowing the horse to cope with changes in types of feed, feed schedule, or periods without feed due to travel.  The horses we have used this program with adjust well to their new surroundings and diet without incidence of diarrhea or going off feed or colicking.

Colic in horses:

  • Acute Colic: Stress Paste is an excellent tool to have on hand in cases of acute colic. Many horses will begin eating and drinking again after administration of Stress Paste and if used appropriately resolves mild/non-painful colic episodes without need for futher medical intervention. Further in horses who are held off feed due to more serious colic symptoms Stress Paste supports the microbiome and and gut integrity while they aren’t being supported by feed; and helps maintain the horse's hydration status.

  • Post-Surgical Colics: I tend to administer a Stress Paste straight away post surgery to support the microbiome and digestive enzymes and encourage drinking. I continue administration of Stress Paste through the re-feeding process and add Digestive EQ and VM to ensure a good appetite, best possible hydration status, and support of all phases of the GI tract and a correct vitamin and mineral balance. 
    Often horses in refeeding are not receiving the appropriate amount of calories or nutrition and it is so convenient to know that they are fully supported during this time without compromising the refeeding structure.  Digestive VM in particular is a low dose, extremely palatable pellet which can be fed alone or with a small amount of chaff and covers all vitamin and mineral requirements.

  • Chronic Colic: I have seen a number of chronic colic cases improve with the addition of Stress Paste and/or Digestive EQ as a regular part of the diet. Many chronic colics are due to an imbalance of bacteria in the microbiome which can lead to IBD, excess gas, inappetence which can lead to gastric ulceration etc.  By actively supporting the good bacteria and normal gut function through all stages of the GI tract we encourage appetence and the horse’s desire to eat more fiber and forage and reduce the production of lactic acid and inappropriate gases.
    This aids tremendously in the resolution of gastric ulcers (alongside appropriate medication and dietary/housing changes) and contributes to the ideal continuous grazing/full gut process. This often reduces if not completely resolves the occurrence of chronic colic episodes.

The more I learn about the importance of the horses gut, the more I get excited about the opportunities of performance and the overall health of our horses. I share the team at Poseidon Animal Health's excitement about the opportunities. 

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