Our Community Shares their Tips for Stress Paste

Our Community Shares their Tips for Stress Paste

Our Community Shares their Tips for Stress Paste

We are so proud of our Stress Paste formula and hearing all the stories of how it supports horses through high pressure events or anxious, stressful experiences really makes us feel so fulfilled!

We also love hearing from our community about how they use Stress Paste to support their horses, and we wanted to share some tips and stories from you, our wonderful customers, to help answer our most commonly asked questions about Stress Paste.

Competition environments can be unpredictable and uncontrollable, and involve periods of time off feed, leading to psychological stress. Heat stress and high performance can also lead to leaky gut. This can result in anxiety, under protected and low energy muscles - all leading to compromised performance.

How far before a stress event should I give Stress Paste?

Our answer:

We recommend that you give Stress Paste 20 minutes before a stress event.

Answers from our community:

"I give my horses a half dose of Stress Paste before they get on the float to travel to an event, and the other half once they have arrived. This means they never get 'arrival anxiety' and because they arrive calm, with comfortable tummies, they stay calm all day." - Huia

"Had my State Show and used Stress Paste the night before then next morning. She was a little fresh but settled so well in the ring to take out yearling filly state reserve champion only her 4th show - so very happy with this paste and highly recommend it." - Thereisa

"I give one tube when I am leaving for an Eventing competition or Horse Trial as it is usually more than an hour's travel to reach the destination. Then I give my horse a tube of Stress Paste half an hour before each phase of the competition.
For the Dressage and Show Jumping phases this ensures that they cope better with the intensity of the warm up ring and can bring their best game, with the Pectin creating a protective layer for their gut and preventing acid splash.
For the Cross Country phase, I know that the Betaine and Amino Acids will be working to support muscles and hydration while they give a huge physical effort. This also means that they are better set for recovery, and more likely to drink and eat well afterwards, helping with rehydrating and repairing muscles." - Ashra

What does Stress Paste do?

Our answer:

Stress Paste supports a horse’s gut and muscle physiology in a way that helps them directly deal with stress. In helping a horse actually cope with stress, we are able to reduce the impact of stress on performance, behaviour and recovery.

Answers from our community:

"I first tried this product on a young horse in 2020. His first ever show, second time off our property, as well as his 1st time in an indoor arena. As expected, he was a tense day one, we gave his Stress Paste that night and the next day before his open class. We could really see the difference and he was much calmer and worked so well, he ended up qualifying for Nationals ( equal Runner Up) at his first ever show, against a strong field of 20 plus other ponies. Have continued to use this product!" - Teneille

"When my young horse arrived at a venue that makes her spooky, she came off the ramp tail up, snorting and dancing sideways. I gave her Stress Paste and tied her by her hay bag so I could go and sign in. When I got back seven minutes later she was happily eating her hay and completely calm. We then did a cowboy challenge round, with all sorts of spooky obstacles and she gave a great effort, taking everything in her stride. I couldn't believe how fast she went from fire breathing dragon to a teddy bear!" - Huia

"Wonderful product. Great for young horses being introduced to travel and competitions. Keeps his sensitive stomach in check allowing him to relax and settle in different environments. He’s happy to eat and drink at different locations, even overnight stays. His manure is now always well formed and healthy too. Previously had a tendency to show signs of colic after a weekend away. With loose manure and nervous, reactive behaviour. I buy it by the box!!" - Tom

"Stress Paste certainly helps our nervous OTT at shows, and the travel that it takes us to get to them. He’s only been competing for 6 months and has already carried my daughter to qualify for national events!" - Michelle

"I have used Stress Paste with my mare, every time we compete, whether its a long or short floating trip. I find it reduces her nerves, encourages her to drink, and overall she is a much calmer happier horse. She is also given Digestive EQ daily, and the higher stress dosage when competing." - Courtney

"Once around the arena and Moose was over it. He would run backwards, sideways and buck, he had 'napping' down to a fine art, and at 18hh he had the size to back it up. With Stress Paste Moose is a willing partner (he had been like a kid on red cordial previously) and successfully travelled to his first official competition last weekend, never putting a foot wrong, and scored 68.6%, and 70.5% for 6th placing in both Prep tests." - Libby

"On the worst night of the cyclone my sensitive mare was galloping about, tearing up her field – totally understandable as large trees were falling in adjacent paddocks with the high winds, and the rain was torrential. I got her into the stable to put her cover on as it would have been impossible outdoors, and gave her Stress Paste for the first time. She calmed in the stable despite the incredibly loud rain on the roof which normally spooks her, and stood so quietly that I was able to groom and cover her, and clean her feet without tying her. When I let her out into the field she remained calm, and coped so well with the noise and wind." - Hayley

"Love Stress Paste I use it every 6 weeks for my sons horse who usually likes to keep my farrier on his toes but with using the paste he just yawns through the trim!" - Jodie

"My boy Dylan has had a few issues with ulcers on and off and he looked like he had them back. He was off his food and sore. I had a couple of Stress Paste that I had just received. After talking to Poseidon about him they suggested to give him the stress paste to help settle his stomach and help him feel better. I gave him one, and in a few hours I gave him his tea and he ate it all. He looked more settled and calmer. I was so excited that there was such a huge difference. I started ulcer treatment but still gave him another one the next day. He has got over his ulcers a lot quicker than before making him a lot more comfortable." - Jenelle

"My young horse has been quite spooky coming back into work. I decided to start him on Digestive EQ and buy a Stress Paste. I tried today in super windy conditions and my gelding was SO much calmer then usual!" - Abbie

"I definitely saw a difference in my anxious horse and his attitude to stress triggers was much much less." - Chelsea

Is Stress Paste helpful for horses stressed about travel?

Our answer:

For horses, who have a gut designed for near-constant intake of food and water, travel is stressful (especially for the first time) and can result in compromised gut health. Issues can arise due to both physical and psychological stresses from feed restriction, heat, poor ventilation, increased acidity of the stomach and anti-oxidant stress.

Stress Paste, when used prior to, during and/or after travel can help to reduce the negative impact of travel on gut health. Buffering the stomach against acid, with pre/postbiotics to support the hindgut microbiome, Stress Paste also helps maintain the horse's vitamin C levels (which have been shown to drop during travel). Plus the horse will be topped up with B-vitamins to maintain appetite and muscle energy on arrival.

We recommend that you give Stress Paste to horses who are anxious about floating or travel, as it will help keep them hydrated and support a comfortable gut.

Give Stress Paste 10 minutes prior to loading and again at the end of longer (4+ hours) trips

Answers from our community:

"I used the Stress Paste to calm my big boys nerves floating and while being out. I usually have alot of trouble getting him onto the float and when he is out he will shake and cant stand still. Using the paste he walked on the float first go and was very calm out and about around other horses. even stood still to be able to get a photo! Definitely recommend and i will be using this again!" - Dimity

"When I first traveled with her in the float she lathered up so much that I had grey horse not a bay. Then i used your protect - and wow what a change - she was very relaxed traveling and off loading backwards - no lathering." - Deb

"Used your calming product on a mare that was tricky to float due to prior accident (going through the floor) before we got her, she was extremely fearful. After half an hour of taking the Stress Paste she was calm and managed to learn to load like a dream, can definitely recommend Poseidon products." - Fee

"Finally got to use the Stress Paste last weekend. I used it on Ruby (TB mare) whom at shows is fine when we are there. Floating is where the stress is, I have tried other products. This time she was a dream. Gave full dose going, and 1/2 on the way home. Stress Paste now will go everywhere with us. I also use the EQ and VM for both horses." - Denise

"Absolutely love this product. I used for the first time last week, after a float accident 8 months ago my boy has been really nervous floating, he was honestly perfect both times. Loaded a treat each time got off much better and stood in the float better. I cannot recommend highly enough, I’m glad I got 2! I’ll definitely be back for more." - Kylie

"I love Stress Paste we use it to travel our fellow who stresses about loading and travelling to a new place. Normally he wouldn’t tie to the float happily and certainly not eat. However since we have been using Stress Paste he is an absolute pleasure to take out. It doesn’t dumb down his work which we like. It just takes the edginess out of him on the ground. I highly recommend this product." - Elizabeth

"Mytwo mares are very nervous travelers. With a 5.5 hrs trip I decided to give Stress Paste before and we all traveled so much better. Will be using this for all my long travelling in future." - Jennifer

How long does Stress Paste last?

Our answer:

Stress Paste should provide support for your horse for up to 12-24 hours. 

  • The buffering effect of magnesium hydroxide and pectin lasts around 2 hours
  • When given as two doses in a 24 hour period, the remaining ingredients will work for that time period.
  • For best results with the hindgut pre/postbiotic, horses should be on Digestive EQ or Digestive RP longer term.

Answers from our community:

"Because my horses don't get anxious when we arrive at the show and have the calming benefits of Stress Paste in the warm up ring (magnesium, B Vitamins and a comfy gut with no acid splash), they don't tend to get stressed or spooky even in the afternoon because they know that the morning was okay and the whole day is more relaxed. If they will be doing something strenuous later in the day I will give them a half dose just to keep that gut protected." - Huia

"I only need to give Stress Paste once in a day to see the benefits." - Ashra

"It was my mares first time out and we gave her the Stress Paste 4hrs before training XC, and she was much more manageable." - Courtney

How do you feed Stress Paste?

Our answer:

You can use the tube to measure the correct dose for your horse's body weight. With the 360ml pack, you can use a Stress Paste tube to extract and measure the desired dose from the pack, or squeeze the paste onto a tablespoon - a tablespoon is 28gm so it's pretty easy to measure out a 30ml dose.

Answers from our community:

"I squeeze the proper dose onto their feed and let them eat 1/3 before loading into the trailer and travelling to where we are riding, a few handfuls before exercise to line their gut with the pectin from the Stress Paste and provide betaine and amino acids for their muscles and hydration - then they get the rest of the meal once they have cooled down after their exercise, before we travel home. This is a nice way to provide full support for low stress days when the horses don't need a calming dose, but I want them to feel fantastic and bounce back fast." - Huia

"My horses really like the taste - I literally squeeze the dose onto my palm and they eat it up!" - Rachel

"I prefer to buy the tubes so that it's ready to go wherever I am, and if I think the horse may begin to get anxious I can give the perfect dose amount right away and prevent that happening." - Ashra