Q&A – Why Is the Digestive EQ feed rate ‘so high’?

Q&A – Why Is the Digestive EQ feed rate ‘so high’?

Q&A – Why Is the Digestive EQ feed rate ‘so high’?

By Dr Nerida McGilchrist - B Rur. Sc (Hon1) PhD RAnNutr

We sometimes get asked why the Digestive EQ feed rate is ‘so high’.

And occasionally we see people choosing products based on the fact that other products have a lower feed rate. But that is a strategy potentially fraught with issues.

So why is the Digestive EQ feed rate at the level it is?

It is for two very important reasons:

For any nutrient or ingredient to be effective it must be provided at an effective feed rate. When nutrients or ingredients are provided in too small a feed rate, they are no longer effective.

To give you an example that will make sense, think of it this way, if you had a headache and wanted to take Panadol, you know you need to take the correct dose, which is normally 2 tablets for an adult, for it to be effective. If you instead took ¼ or even ½ a tablet it’s likely it won’t work and you will still have your headache.

Now Digestive EQ is not medication, but the same principle applies… for anything to be effective it has to be used at the recommended feed rate!

And this is part of the reason the Digestive EQ feed rate is what it is! Every single ingredient used in Digestive EQ is included to be at its maximum effective rate. Nothing is in there in really small amounts ‘just so we can say it’s in there’!

Digestive EQ has 5 different modes to support gut health. It contains the calcified red marine algae as a buffer, the amino acids for support of the gut lining, a proprietary mycotoxin binder to protect your horse from mycotoxins in feed and pasture, a yeast derived prebiotic to support the hindgut bacteria and digestive enzymes to assist your horse in safely digesting starch.

All these modes and all ingredients combined, provided at their effective feed rate means that the average feed rate per day is 130 grams for a 500 kg horse.

But Digestive EQ is effective because it has 5 different modes and all ingredients are provided at their effective feed rate.